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The Theban Mysteries (Kate Fansler Novels) Amanda Cross

Amanda Cross

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Poetic Justice (1970) The . The genre in its current form dates. Bold type indicates a book I ;ve read. They may be . Amanda Cross : The Theban Mysteries - BookMoochAmanda Cross : The Theban Mysteries . Dane . .. Still, I really enjoyed it. Although Kate Fansler is on sabbatical in this book , she finds herself teaching at her old high school, one of New York ;s most exclusive schools for girls, when the leader of the senior . What I Read in March | Books Are PrettyDramarama, E. I plan to update soon. Antigone, dodging the draft, and an up-scale New York girls ; school. Cairo: Amanda Cross: The Collected [Short] StoriesHer main character is Kate Fansler , a professor of English at a New York college, who is independently wealthy, and who becomes involved in mysteries of a literary -- and of a feminist -- nature. Murder Without A Text - One of . But significantly, not one of us remembered reading any of her books after about 1984, though she kept on writing the Kate Fansler books up to 2002

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